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    Pro Liberty Bands Showcase

    We at LAN love liberty- and we love good music almost as much! As luck would have it, many other musically talented people seem to have the same affinity for liberty and justice that we do. The music authored and performed by the bands on this page does not focus excusively on social/political issues, but this is the case more often than not with several of these groups. We hope you enjoy all this music as much as we do- and don't forget to send in your requests!

    Poker Face- Hard Rock For Patriots

    Poker Face- Made In America
    From their official website: "Poker Face has been dubbed the leading truth/freedom band in the Union. Through the use of various multi-media sources, this four piece band has made it their mission to expose the lies & scandals coming out the Union's Capitol. With a sound that is unmistakably their own, Poker Face mixes a variety of styles & orchestrations to take you on a true musical journey.

    Paul Topete and crew are forever experimenting with new directions. The two previous albums releases focused mainly on developing their works around the keyboard. For the 3rd disc, they have set aside the ivories and focused on a more guitar oriented sound. This has enabled them to create a vibe similar to the acoustic hard rock sound of Alice in Chains or Days of the New, while keeping their roots firmly planted in the melodic classic rock stylings of Boston & Pink Floyd.

    The information contained within the Sex, Lies and Politiks album is an in-depth look into the conspiracies and cover-ups committed by a government that serves the agendas of money hungry elitists the control the world, hell bent on domination of the human race. The journey of exposure continues with the driving tunes on the latest album: Made in America." There's a new album tentatively entitled "Peace or War?".
    Official Website:


    The Cloves- Peace Isn't Dead!

    The Cloves' EP cover
    From their official web site: "The Cloves are quickly making a name for themselves coming out of Seattle's crowded music scene. After only playing six shows with a full line up the band scored a headline slot at Seattle's famous Showbox Theater, and then played to a sold out Triple Door. With their sound being compared to bands such as Travis, Doves, and Coldplay, they are also getting noticed overseas. Allen Mcgee's now defunct record label Creation, which discovered British phenomns Oasis, said this on their website (creation-records.com). 'Coming out of Seattle, USA... these are no grunge-kids. The Cloves come from the same mold as The Byrds and Teenage Fanclub to give you some classic songwriting with tunes that make summer great.'"
    Official Website:


    Harvey Danger- Articulate Activism

    Harvey Danger promo shot
    Harvey Danger has been around since 1998, and has produced three albums now, each released about 3 years apart. This band has been one of my favorites since the beginning. Each of their three albums to date are quite unique, but all are extremely good, and consistently contain some of the most poetic and intelectually stimulating lyrics of any band. Period! Their first two albums were not particularly political, but the most current CD, "Little By Little..." goes a good way to address some of the social justice and power issues that face us today. Check it out.
    Official Website:


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