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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

V Clones Himself 100 Times!

The friendly folks at the We The People Foundation have had a 100-man V costume protest on Washington, DC as promised. Here's an excerpt:

Knowledge About Our Cause Is Spreading

It is too soon to know the full extent of the public’s information and awareness about the DC event. Here is what we know so far.

We received an email from a reporter who works for Brazil’s newspaper website http://www.estadao.com.br.
He is writing an article and wanted us to answer a few of his questions.

We received an email from the Director of the movie, “V for Vendetta.” He was aware of our events and said he wanted to send a few words of encouragement and was happy that “V” had made it into the popular vernacular. He closed with the words, “Fight The Power.”

An article will appear in Monday’s issue of “TaxNotes,” which is America’s leading tax news and research magazine.

We received word from a man who stated that while he was passing through an airport Tuesday, he saw television images on CNN of the “Vs” across from the White House.

If anyone learns of additional media coverage, please let us know.

Coming: 1,000 “Vs” in DC

Plans are now underway for a GiveMeLiberty 2007 Conference. Most likely it will take place in DC on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On one of those days we hope to assemble 1,000 “V” demonstrators on the street in support of our Right to Petition the Government for Redress of constitutional torts, including our Right to a Response and our Right of Enforcement if Government does not respond to our proper, constitutionally based Petitions for Redress.

Next time, one thousand. Perhaps one of LAN's contingents will show up.


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