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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lauren Canario Still In Jail after 80+ Days!

Lauren Canario, Freedom Fighter

Lauren Canario, a member of the Free State Project, moved to New London, CT after the infamous Kelo vs. New London Supreme Court decision. This decision, which ruled that states could decide to seize private property and hand it over to private corporations, so enraged Lauren that she packed up and moved from Las Vegas to New London to help the residents there keep their homes. Now that the residents of Fort Trumble have sold their homes under extreme duress, she has vowed not to leave until the last home is razed.

About a year ago, Lauren was arrested while trying to attend a public City Council meeting. Court officials claimed that the room was too full and that the meeting was being rescheduled. She did not believe this and wanted to wait to see meeting attendees leaving before she'd leave the building. The police arrested her for refusing to leave the steps of the building. Once arrested, she refused completely to cooperate with her captors. She wouldn't walk, she wouldn't talk to them. She was held for 15 days before they finally gave up and let her go. During that time, she was shackled and under bright lights 24 hours/day. She has scars on her ankles from the shackles.

Lauren has been incarcerated for 81 days now, and it may be up to a year. No charges or any kind of trial in all this time. Where is the Constitution now?


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