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Monday, December 11, 2006

Only 2.5 Weeks Remaining for the First 1,000 Pledge!

Free State Project members! If you have not yet signed the First 1,000 Pledge to move to the Free State by The end of 2008/beginning of 2009, you should do it now. There are only 19 pledging days left this year! If you already have, or know you can't make it by then, tell others who may be interested. Below is an e-mail from the FSP's Volunteer Coordinator:

Calling all Free State Project volunteers!

There are only 19 days left on the First 1000 pledge, and we need the help of every single FSP volunteer in order to pull out a victory on this one. As a leader of an FSP local group, you probably have more influence on your local group members than anyone. You know them personally (or at least have exchanged an email or two with them!) Please do all you can in the next few weeks to help us reach our goal. Here are some specific things you can do, and encourage your group members to do as well:

* change your email signature to reference the F1K pledge
* send a LTE referencing the F1K pledge to your local newspaper
* volunteer to make phone calls about the pledge to other FSP participants
* mention the pledge wherever you hang out on the Internet (MySpace, Facebook, discussion forums, blogs, your personal homepage)
* call in to your local talk radio station and talk about the pledge

And, most important of all... SIGN THE PLEDGE! :-)

Sandy Pierre
First 1000 Project Manager

If I and a couple of my friends can do it, so can you, especially if you have recently graduated college or will within the next two years. After all, what better things do you have to do?


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