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Monday, June 19, 2006

Privacy & Asset Protection

Below is an e-mail I received concerning an interesting affiliate program/working from your own home business opportunity in the privacy and asset protection industry. The Libertarian Action Network has met the founder of the business personally, and we think he's legitimate given this meeting and the fact that we've done business with his company (Keep Your Assets) in the past.

Hash: SHA1

Please read the following information carefully and take note of
how you can capitalize on this...

KeepYourAssets.net Affiliate Founders Club Promotion & Conference
Call Schedule:

Tonight: All people on tonight's conference call who decide to
join can come in for FREE and are grandfathered in at the PLATINUM
Level. Also, they do not have to "pass up" their two qualifying
sales which means they are IMMEDIATELY in a money-making position
($10,000 Value FREE).

Tuesday & Wednesday Night: Everybody you invite who gets on the
call (same time/number) will also be grandfathered in at the
PLATINUM Level FREE but, unlike you, they still have to qualify
with their 2 qualifying sales before they start getting paid
($9,995 value FREE).

Thursday Night (6PM Pacific Time) & Saturday Morning (9AM Pacific
Time): Same as before except people are grandfathered in at the
GOLD LEVEL ($3,995 value FREE).

Monday Night & Tuesday Night of next week: Same as before except
people are grandfathered in at the SILVER LEVEL ($1,395 value FREE).

After next Tuesday Night this Pre-Launch Promotion Ends.

The purpose of this pre-launch promotion is to create incentives
for people to get their organization in place quickly and create
some momentum in your group. Basically, over 7 nights, you could
have a team of 20 or 30 people that are able to come in FREE!

If you are interested in pursuing this, invite as many people as
you can to visit the website to preview the Affiliate program and
then to the next conference call. Make sure and point out the FREE
enrollment promotion.

Conference Call Number:

(319) 632-1100
PIN: 244787#

Conference Call Schedule:
Tuesday thru Thursday (June 20, 21, 22) - 6PM Pacific Time,
Saturday, June 24 - 9AM Pacific Time
Monday & Tuesday (June 26, 27) - 6PM Pacific Time

Steve Maes
Platinum Affiliate
(760) 277-0230

Note: This signature can be verified at https://www.hushtools.com/verify
Version: Hush 2.5


If you want to participate, be sure to let them know that you heard about it from LibertarianActivism.com. Please also note that all privacy protection products are available for sale in a competitive way (some of the best quality and lowest prices out there).

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Porcupine Run!

Porcupines are cool. Everyone knows this I'm sure. But what you may not know is that running porcupines are even cooler, especially when they're running to the Free State of NH! the Free State Project's own Steve Cobb has just released a very cool Flash cartoon on the 'net (click the title link) that I think could quite possibly be the greatest piece of corny pro-liberty propaganda ever! Give it a look and post your comments here!

Friday, June 02, 2006

What Is Inflation and What Does it Do?

Inflation. Everyone knows it sucks, but what does it mean in terms of international trade and global finance? Did you know that governments actually create not just one but two kinds of inflation? Author and financial scholar Gary North explains...

"Monetary inflation is the basis of price inflation, except in rare occurrences, such as a war or an earthquake, where unexpected falling supplies are the cause: "The same number of currency units chasing too few goods."

In the United States and around the world, monetary inflation is the norm. But, very occasionally, central bankers decide almost simultaneously to put on the brakes. They stabilize money. Then we see the clash of the two inflations.

The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank publishes a chart of the four major currencies: U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, and British pound. This chart tracks the reserve money data, which reveal central bank monetary policy. It’s worth printing out.

You can see that there was parallel policy in 1999: inflationary. The Canadian central bank was creating reserves at an astronomical rate: 25% per annum. The other countries were creating reserves in the 10% to 15% rate – high.

Then, without warning, the central bankers reversed their policies in 2000. Canadian reserves fell like a stone at minus 7%. The Bank of Japan’s rate of reserve creation fell to 0%. So did the Federal Reserve System’s. That coincided with the collapse of the Nasdaq and the general U.S. stock market.

Then, in 2001, all four banks reversed policy again: back to monetary inflation. The Bank of Japan expanded reserves at a 28% rate, or close to it.

Ever since 2005, all but the Bank of England have been reducing the rate of monetary inflation: under 4%.

Ever since the final week of January, 2005, the Federal Reserve has almost stabilized the adjusted monetary base.

This is monetary disinflation. When monetary disinflation hits price inflation head-on, there is a crash in the equities markets. The stock market boom, fueled by rising monetary reserves, threatens to become a bust.

Ludwig von Mises described this boom-bust phenomenon as early as 1912 in his book, The Theory of Money and Credit. I have written a short book on Mises’ monetary theory, for those of you – in addition to my mother – who are interested."

To fight this, North recommends focusing less on stocks/bonds but rather on money markets, bank Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and, of course, the ever-popular precious metal. Please see our Free Market Investing Guide for more information.