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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Same Blog, New Features!

Blogger.com, owned by Google, recently upgraded its blog publication service. This means that the Liberty Lamp blog now has some useful new features that make it easier to browse and search for topics. At the bottom of recent posts, you'll see a series of topic links. Clicking one of them will take you to a new page displaying all posts that relate to that keyword. Sexy, isn't it? Perhaps not, but it should make browsing this site easier and more productive.

In other news, the Free State Project has been cranking out the successful events! NH Liberty Forum was a smashing success, and I hear Ron Paul and John Stossel were amazing, as was the friendly company. The next major event of the year will be The Porcupine Freedom Festival ("PorcFest"). This yearly event in New Hampshire is THE place to meet pro liberty people, become more familiar with the state, and participate in all kinds of cool events! I'll be going there with some buddies of mine. You should too! It'll be a blast.

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