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Monday, March 05, 2007

The How v Why of RealID

From the desk of Jim Babka, President of DownsizeDC.org...

How vs Why of Real ID

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security released 162 pages of proposed regulations for the Real ID Act. The bill was (and basically still is) slated to take effect by May, 2008.

There's going to be a ton of things to say about this topic, as well as more than one kind of action to take on it. Over the next couple of weeks we will break down the complex web of information into simple bite-sized chunks for you.

But the most important thing you'll need to know today is that there are bills now offered in both the Senate and the House to repeal (not delay) the implementation of the Real ID Act. They are gathering co-sponsors and steam.

But this is going to be a tough battle. We'll need to do everything we can to fight it effectively.

* That means, we're asking you to please use our convenient Congressional Contact System to send a message of support for the bills to repeal (not delay) the implementation of Real ID.

* It also means that we need to continue making progress on monthly pledges to stay in this fight.

The thesis of today's message is that surveillance is not necessarily security, and that as a technique for crime and terrorism protection, surveillance is nowhere near as important as motivation.

Let's start with a hypothetical scenario.

You've seen it in the movies: A determined and experienced criminal learns that a very valuable art exhibit is coming to town, but to get in and see it, one must produce a valid ID, pass through checkpoints, and view it, while lasers, cameras, and security agents keep guard. Yet the thief succeeds. He gets the highly prized art.

Now, the movie entertains us by focusing on the "how" -- showing us what clever method the thief employed to secure his prize. Inevitably, we learn that the burglar exploited some vulnerability of the security system.

As you leave the theater, you might get the impression that sprinkling additional technology or resources (money) on the problem might've stopped the master thief -- the exhibiting museum could've foiled his plan.

Many things in life are determined by the quality of questions we ask. Protecting valuable art, or ourselves from terrorist attackers is no different. The right question is important.

The better question to ask if one is seeking to _prevent_ crime is "why" -- "What's the motivation for doing it?"

For the art thief, perhaps you can make the steal more expensive than it's worth.

But what if someone is willing to lose their life in the process of killing others -- in the belief that their cause is eminently just and that they will receive eternal reward? What then? Is more surveillance really going to work? Is sprinkling technology on the problem really going to protect us?...

Read the full DownsizeDC Blog entry by clicking on the title link of this post. This crappy program has been stalled for another year thanks to your efforts, but we need to keep the pressure on. Put this sick plan out of its misery ASAP! ;-)

ID: a Real Bad Idea!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Political Activism In Danger- And What You Can Do!

Redress of greivances is central to quote "good" government. As many are aware, our current regime really sucks- but it could be a LOT worse. Things may in fact become worse, however, if the Senate's new anti grass-roots "lobbyist reform" bill is allowed to go into effect. It would force organizations to fill out many expensive new forms and drive many of the most important ones out of business. Below is an overview from DownsizeDC.org's president, along with a viable way to take action.

(Excerpted) "n response to our editorial earlier this week, "What Divides Us," a reader suggested that we address OMB Watch, and their ilk, directly -- explain where they are wrong about the grassroots lobbying provision of S.1.

Our opponents at groups like Public Citizen, Common Cause, and OMB Watch, want to make this a partisan/ideological issue -- to divide and conquer. They want to regulate so-called "Astroturf" groups (a funny play on the word "grassroots"), which they maintain are "fake" groups.

The thesis of the recent OMB Watch report, as well as the central claim of an open letter from Joan Claybrook of Public Citizen, is that the new regulations they propose won't _prohibit_ speech and political activity.

This is an instance of correct facts organized in a fashion that creates the wrong impression. These new regulations may not out-right prohibit, but they will definitely abridge and hurt small, upstart groups. They will chill political participation at the grassroots. AND YOU CAN VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION HERE: http://action.downsizedc.org/wyc.php?cid=61

Yet, as we'll explain later in this piece, they won't really do much to the so-called Astroturf class of groups.

On a more fundamental level, it doesn't matter whether or not the regulations "prohibit." We all agree that the Constitution excluded the ability to prohibit the rights in question. But the Constitution goes much farther than that.

And what should unite us is our Constitution and our desire for a healthy democracy where not only the rich and powerful can play, but where everyday Americans can petition their government without reservation.

And so today, I want to make the ultimate argument: I want to break this down to a fundamental level that every American should respect -- a Constitutional argument. And we'll conclude by offering a real solution to the problems these good government groups desire to address."

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Free State Project Meets F1K Goals!

The Free State Project's First 1,000 Pledge has met and exceeded its goal! As of right now, 1,027 Porcupines have pledged to move to the "Free State" of New Hampshire, USA, by 12/31/2008, exactly two years from today, in fact! A couple of us at the Libertarian Action Network will be there, and others will follow in the following months and years (mostly old people who don't want to give up their cushy lifestyles). If you've yet to sign on as a First 1000 Pledger, or as a regular "5 years after 20,000" member, please do! Its counterculture- but with fewer hippies and no socialism! ;)

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Lauren Canario Interview on Free Talk Live

Lauren Canario, the freedom fighter who was jailed for three months with no due process has been released. Click the title link to hear her interview on Free Talk Live, a nationally syndicated pro freedom radio show. Her false accusations consist of "trespassing" on property the *rightful* (not the City of New London, CT DevCorp!) owner of a New London house. The catch? He had allowed her to do so and it was the city that had violated through emminent domain! But never mind that, she was peaceful and they had pistols. Might makes right, right? I think not...

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Asset Protection Information & Services for Free Staters

Privacy and asset protection are two very important issues for both political activists and the everyday American in this modern age of illegal government spying and frivolous lawsuits. To regain your privacy and peace of mind, it is important to not only become informed about the issues, but also to have the right tools to safeguard your personal info and property. Fortunately, both can now be done much more easily and cheaply than you might expect.

I have been working with fellow Free State Project members to create a privacy/asset protection guide of just this sort geared specifically to participants in the New Hampshire freedom movement. Though designed with the new NH mover and activist in mind, the tips included in this guide are universal, and can apply to the high net worth businessperson and middle-class wage earner as well. The document is still under development, though it is quite strong at eleven pages so far. Please feel free to check it out and provide feedback. Let your friends know as well!

The piece is entitled "A Culture of Liberty & Privacy", and is in PDF format. Future updates will be posted, but the URL will remain the same. Please add this blog's RSS feed to your reader or bookmark this page and check back for periodic updates.

In addition, you may find good asset protection information and competitively priced protection packages at KeepYourAssets.net. When ordering, please use the sponsor code "andrew". See also the company's great paid referral marketing program at www.mpassetprotection.com.


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