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    First, some background information: This online community is developed and maintained by an anonymous, but dedicated group of like-minded individuals. We wholeheartedly encourage your feedback (questions, comments, etc.), but at the same time, we need to do our best to maintain a level of separation between ourselves and our original and referenced/hosted content. The reason for this is simply that, in today's world, you can never be too careful. After all, if more "tame" websites like LP.org, Anarchism.net, and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee can be under scrutiny from "G-Men" and vigilantes, why can't we? Since at least part of our mission is to protect and dispense media of agitation, the threat of being harassed in one way or another by these people is a very real possibility. That said, you can find our contact information below- just don't count on acquiring any of our true personal information! ;)


    Position: Administrator, Webmaster
    E-mail: firefox-gen@walala.org
    On-line: The Forums (username is "phoenixoflight")
    Biography: (Read bio)


    Position: Forum Admin, Anarchy Specialist
    E-mail: heroinaddikt@gmail.com
    On-line: The Forums (username is "heroinaddikt")

    Again we welcome your feedback, and encourage you to send in your news, articles, and art!

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