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    Online Cryptography Tools

    In this section, you probably are quite paranoid, or at least conscientious when it comes to data and computer security. Don't be self-concious; it's a good thing! Because we at the LAN believe in your right to privacy and excersize that right ourselves, we thought it would be a courteous and constructive idea to give our readers easy access to some of the online tools we use to cover our own rears on a regular basis. At present, this list is quite small, however this will gradually change over time. If you have any hot data security programs you'd like to get the word out about, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at firefox-gen@walala.org.
    • CryptoMX: Advanced Cryptography & Cipher Tools-
      By Derek Buitenhuis
      CryptoMX has been in development at SourceForge for some time now, and has become quite the contender as far as browser based, JavaScript/HTML driven cryptographic and steganography utilities go. The security provided by this package is quite reliable, and is so easy to use that you probably won't need to refer to any documentation. In fact, it's really quite nice that the suite is so easy to use because all told, there really isn't any documentation to speak of. You gotta love great programmers that aren't able or willing to write good how-tos huh?

      Anyway, CryptoMX provides plain text encryption/decryption, hash functionality, and conversions between various data types. You can download your own copy at the above URL, or use it right away on our server by clicking here. Don't worry- you'll be working over a secure AES-256 SSL encrypted conection, and all the calculations are done on your own computer. We couldn't spy on you even if we wanted to!
    • JavasCrypt: Browser-Based Cryptography Tools-
      By John Walker
      JavaScript (Originally found at http://www.fourmilab.ch/javascrypt/) is a browser based crypto system similar to CryptoMX above, but is more focused on text cryptography and steganography only (+ a password generator). This program has been in development for longer than its competition (since 9/2003), and LAN's activists consider this one to be more secure, if somewhat more limited in scope. Long story short, it's basically quality over quantity, but both are quite good. In a nutshell, I'd use either depending on whichever was most convienient. To use it here, please click here.

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