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    More About Libertarianism...

    If you would like to learn more about libertarianism and the classic liberal movement (and who wouldn't?), be sure to take a look at the online resources linked to on this page. LAN strives to motivate everyone (that means you!) to get involved with liberty enhancing projects. To this end, we have tried our best to include resources that will be helpful to both the seasoned libertarian activist, and political newcomers alike.

    Entries under the "General Ed" category cover the basic ideas and ideals of libertarianism, an how it can be of benefit to one's own life. Web sites linked to in this section are an ideal place to start if you are discovering all this for the first time. Below this, the "Action Campaigns" section is home to online petitions and the websites of important libertarian activism and lobbying organizations.

    General Ed- The Foundations of Freedom

    • The LP Party Platform-
      The current official platform of the National Libertarian Party. This documentation covers everything from gun rights to welfare programs, to government spending- and everything in between. As a personal note, I would highly suggest that visitors who are not yet knowledgeable in libertarianism and American politics in general check this site out first. Speaking as a dues-paying LP member, I admit that the Party platform statements were what got me interested in the LP/libertarianism in general more than any other information.
      Available at:

      The National LP Web Site
    • The Libertarian FAQ-
      A good primer on libertarianism based upon questions frequently asked by people who are unfamiliar with the movement. The authors did a good job of taking the more abstract concepts from the LP party platform and breaking them down into clear and understandable applications. This is a good page to visit if you want to learn about the concepts and then see how they are applied in reality in a convenient way.
      Available at:

      The Advocates
    • The Libertarian Wiki-
      I regret having to say this, but I'm man enough to admit that my own attempt at a multi-disciplinary political wiki was a general failure. Nobody volunteered to add any wiki content, and very few people even visited the page, compared to everything else on this site. On the plus side, the Libertarian Wiki is vibrant and informative, albeit focused on a single philosophy.
      Available at:

    • Libertarianism- The Wikipedia Entry-
      An easy to navigate, well cross-linked look at the philosophy and politics of libertarianism, as researched by the editors of Wikipedia.org. It does a good job of providing historical background and the relationship between this and other sociopolitical philosophies and modus operandi.
      Available at:

      The Wikipedia

    Action Campaigns

    • DownsizeDC.com & DownsizeDC.org-
      Does the cancerous expansion of American government piss you off? Wish you could do something constructive to mend the situation? Well, you can! The DownsizeDC non-profit organization was created to "help Americans help themselves" by raising awareness and enabling constituents to send petitions and letters to their representatives in US Congress in order to affect their decision making. In addition, DownsizeDC.org is responsible for the Read The Bills Act and other legislation.

      On the other hand, DownsizeDC.com takes a positive stance, promoting the expansion of personal and economic freedom, and publishing regular news stories about its utility in "real life". It's a great site to visit for a relevant, tangible look at libertarian ideals at work in America.
      Available at:

      DownsizeDC.org's "Electronic Lobbyist"
      DownsizeDC.com- "Positive Examples"
    • Grow The LP!-
      A site showcasing information, suggestions, and links to materials and resources that can be useful for promoting the cause and getting eligible voters to register with the LP. This one is owned and maintained by Kristi Stone, who is also the Volunteers Coordinator of the San Diego LP, the largest and most active local LP chapter in the US. Very cool!
      Available at:

    • The Philosophy of Liberty-
      This artistic and strangely entertaining Flash animation acts as a good multimedia introduction to libertarian philosophy and values. Watching this short video will expose you to exactly what libertarians believe and why- all in a fun, easy to watch presentation!
      Available at:

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